How To Taste Wine So No One Will Laugh At You

Author: RADA VIETNAM | Date: 2017-08-05

Wine experts seem to know everything about how to taste wine and they do it with such flair and confidence. We on the other hand timidly smell the nose, swirl it around a bit in our glass and say things like “that's really nice.” Not very professional.

Do you know how to taste wine so no one will laugh at you?

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These are the steps to taste wine like a pro:

1. Observe

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When the wine is first poured into the glass, hold the tilted wine glass over a piece of white paper. This is to check for the age of the wine. If there is a transparent ring at the top, it is a young wine. If it is more dense, it is a more mature wine.

Our wine expert explained this to look like a fingernail. The wine is shaped like a fingernail when the glass is tilted and the lighter portion is the length of the nail. That is where you should look to see if the wine is young or old.

2. Smell

(Image: WineTaster)

- Swish your glass in a circle to bring out the flavours of the wine. You can either do it in the air or on the table. Hold the glass by the stem at the base and swirl it around letting the wine flow up the sides of the glass.

- Sniff the nose again. This is when you will really smell the aroma because you have released the flavours. Tilt the glass 45 degrees and give it a good deep smell.

- Think about the types of things that will be in wine like: Berries, fruit, nuts and spices. Or think about things like caramel, molasses, vanilla or black current. What about woods like oak or pine? When you have an idea of what you are smelling you can seek it out easier.

3. Sip & Taste

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- Take a good sip of the wine.

- Hold it in your mouth

- Count to 10. Between the counting of 3 -5  take in some air with the wine in your mouth. It's like sipping in air.  From 6 – 10 hold it again and savour the taste.

4. Cleanse

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Between each tasting, you need to cleanse your glass. Many people won't finish the glass of wine and will instead pour the rest out, but if you are like us, you'll finish it all. I'm not giving up a glass of great wine! But here is how the experts do it:

- Pour wine out into the jug or bin provided.

- Rinse your glass by pouring water into the glass and swirling it around.

- Pour out the water, but not in one swoop. Lay the glass on it's side and twirl the water out slowly so that it rinses all the wine from the sides of the glass.

- Rinse your mouth: You need a fresh and clean pallette to taste the next glass of wine, so take a sip of water, and rinse.

Source: Dave and Deb (The PlanetD)

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