Successful Islay Mist Whisky Tasting Held by The Whisky Boutique

Author: Đặng Lê Phương Linh | Date: 2019-06-14

A successful collaboration between Scotch Islay Mist whiskies from RADA Vietnam with Truffle Hill pairings from Le Truffle took place at The Whisky Boutique (HCMC). It is called a tasting not to be missed as it would evoke all five senses.

RADA's whiskies used in the tasting included premium Islay Mist 12 Years Old and Islay Mist 17 Years Old.

The event was held on Thursday night, June 13th at the 5-star Caravelle Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cass Le Gardner​ - representative from Le Truffle taking attendees through the tasting, paired with RADA's Islay Mist 12 Years Old.

Jacqueline Lam​ from RADA taking attendees through the tasting.

Le Truffle​ condiments for tasting, starting with the Olive oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt Flakes, Aioli, Mushroom Tapenade, Mustard and Honey.

Attendees were encouraged to follow each condiment tasting with whisky tasting.

They were very excited to taste the products.

Andrew Wall​ taking attendees through the same tasting but with Islay Mist 17 Years Old.

RADA's whiskies are placed on a rack simulating an Asian tricycle.

Overall, the event was successful with positive feedback from the attendees.

RADA would like to send our greatest gratitude towards The Whisky Boutique and Le Truffle. Thank you the amazing collaboration!

Source: RADA's Facebook Page

Photo: The Whisky Boutique

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