Angus The Bull from Aberdeen Wine Company


Angus The Bull - Red Meat's Perfect Partner

Beef and red wine are made for each other – the fat in a prime piece of juicy steak softens a wine’s astringency and releases those tasty fruit flavours. Problem is, when faced with the choice of which red wine to pick, many people assume you need to be a wine buff to know what's what. This is where Angus the Bull steps in. A full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s been crafted with beef in mind, so it takes out the guesswork.

A picture of the perfect partner, red meat - red wine

Meet Angus The Bull:

When it comes to winemaking, our philosophy is to make the absolute, hands-down perfect accompaniment for a prime piece of beef. Every year we work with our growers across Central Victoria with this in mind, hand selecting premium parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This multi-vineyard approach allows us to deliver our signature style. This creates the best possible blend for that satisfying moment when Angus the Bull meets red meat in your mouth.

So what should you expect when this glorious moment happens? A wine of intense colour with bright purple hues. Aromas of ripe black fruits, rich dark chocolate and subtle vanillin oak. And a full bodied palate characterised by firm tannins with a savoury, masculine finish.

The Original Angus – Hamish MacGowan:

After completing university, Hamish moved to Australia’s Northern Territory to muster cattle at remote stock camps. Hanging up his stockman boots, he began working for a small winery in Victoria - this formed the basis of his winemaking career and is why he’s so fond of Central Victorian grapes. Not one to stand still, Hamish relocated to Europe. He worked for a leading UK wine merchant, then as a winemaker in Bordeaux, followed by his most challenging experience where he ran a winery in Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union. After a while, Australia beckoned again. Back home he worked in Winemaker and Export Manager roles, but an idea was forming in his mind that he had to pursue – the idea to create the perfect wine to pair with beef. In 2003 he began the Aberdeen Wine Company and the rest, as they say, is history.