Australian Frozen Beef Belly


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Origin: Australia

Chilled / Frozen: Frozen

Cut: Belly

Net Weight: 500g / pack

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Ingredients: Boneless Australian beef

Usage: To be stir-fried, cooked as beef steaks, to be cooked with hotpot, etc., but not to be grilled as the slices are too thin and can be easily burned if grilled.

Producer: ATMS Pty Ltd, Mulwarra Export Pty Ltd, Langrey International Pty Ltd, Dunnett & Johnston, Sanger Australia Pty Ltd, etc.

Importer & Distributor: High Food Company Limited

Address: #55B, Hang Bai St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

Storage & EXP:

- Chilled: 03 months if kept refridgerated at 0 - 4 degrees C

- Frozen: 24 months if kept frozen at -18 degrees C or below.

Australian Frozen Beef Belly

Australian Frozen Beef Belly