Marengo Moscato Ukrainian Sparkling

Price: VND 280,000 per bottle

Volume: 750ml

Category: Sparkling wine

Origin: Ukraine

Brand: Marengo

Grapes: Moscato

Region: Odessa

Alcohol Percentage: 10% - 13.5%

Regular price 280,000₫


Exquisite Marengo sparkling wine doesn’t need any special occasions. Where Marengo there is a bright mood or festive celebration. A special feature of Marengo sparkling wines is a balanced refreshing smooth taste and a delicate floral aroma that is reached by Muscat grapes.


Color: Light gold

Aroma: Elegant, with a muscular shade

Palate: Awesome fruit taste

Food pairings: Fruit, berries, light desserts

Serving temperature: 10 - 15 degrees C

Manufacturer: Bayadera Group

Address: 23V Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya Ukraine, Kyiv, 02081


The modern Marengo story begins in 2001, when the very first bottle of Marengo vermouth was bottled at Koblevo winery in the South of Ukraine. However, the idea to start a vermouth production has long been part of our desire and vision since winery’s conception at Koblevo in 1982.

At Koblevo, we have long experimented with different types of European grapes to ensure we have created a truly exceptional blend of flavor and aroma, given our unique geographic location in the South of Ukraine. All of the wine, an essential component for the highest quality vermouth, is produced with great care in an ecologically clean area.

By early 2000, we have perfected the production of wines at Koblevo, which provided us with a great foundation for the future vermouth. However, to create an exclusive vermouth with the true Italian spirit this was definitely not enough. And so we’ve set on a quest to find a combination of flavor and aroma that would be worthy of a premium quality vermouth.

In our research and development we got the best Italian vermouth makers to tweak and adjust both the production and the flavor of the vermouth at our winery. This was an exceptional journey for us because we were not merely copying the recipes, but creating something truly unique and inspiring from scratch. To commemorate, as well as bring a piece of Italian vermouth making tradition back home and share it with our customers we have decided to name the vermouth after a small Italian city near Piedmont. The name Marengo was born.

Marengo Moscato Ukrainian Sparkling

Marengo Moscato Ukrainian Sparkling

    Regular price 280,000₫



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