Norwegian Frozen Whole Saba Mackerel

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Norwegian mackerel is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. It is a lively fish with juicy meat and is a great source of omega-3. It is distinguished by its tiger stripes.

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Net Weight: About 500g / fish

Origin: Norway

Producer: Ocean Supreme

Importer & Distributor: High Food Co., Ltd.

Address: #55B, Hang Bai St., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Usage: To be fried, grilled or taken as sashimi, or to make fish stew, fish stew with tomatoes, etc.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18 to -9 degrees C


Mackerel is a fast-swimming fish. In the summer it appears in large coastal shoals as well as in the Skagerrak, the North Sea and the South Norwegian Sea.

In European waters, it is managed as one stock—northeast Atlantic mackerel—which is divided into three spawning groups: North Sea mackerel, which spawns in the North Sea and Skagerrak (May to July); western mackerel, which spawns west of Ireland and the British Isles (March to July); and southern mackerel, which spawns off t he coast of Spain and Portugal (February to May). The fish spawn in the surface layers of the sea, and the larvae grow to 8 inches in a few months.

The scope of the spawning stock is calculated by its annual egg production, measured in international, scientific surveys throughout the spawning season (February to July). During this time, the numbers of eggs produced by individual females are also measured.


Mackerel is especially rich in:

• Protein that builds and maintains every cell in the body
• Omega-3 fatty acids that prevent and reduce the development of cardiovascular diseases, and which are important building blocks in the brain
• Vitamin D, which is necessary to get the right balance of calcium in the body to maintain and strengthen the bones
• Selenium, an important element in an enzyme that fights harmful chemical processes in the body

Norwegian Frozen Whole Saba Mackerel

Norwegian Frozen Whole Saba Mackerel
SKU: mackerel