Norwegian Smoked Salmon 1kg Pack


Our smoked salmon is a natural product entirely without artifical preservatives. It contains only fresh, Atlantic salmon, sugar and salt.

The product is based on traditional family recipes, and is made with our own special smoking process. This is why our smoked salmon is a product of experience and is highly valued and demanded across the world.


VND 770.000 / 1kg pack

VND 182.000 / 200g pack

Net Weight: 1kg

Origin: Norway

Brand: Norwegian Fjord

Brand Owner: Brødr. Remø AS

(brand varies due to different cases imported)

Type of Salmon: Atlantic Salmon

Fresh / Frozen: Frozen

Ingredients: Salmon fillet, salt, sugar. No additives. No preservatives.

Description: The clean, cold, glacial-fed waters in the fjords of Norway are home to some of the most flavourful salmon in the world. Salmon from this area near the Arctic Circle is unsurpassed in quality, taste, and nutrition.

Following a traditional Norwegian recipe, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon are carefully trimmed, dry salted, and gently smoked over alder wood to deliver a distinct flavour with a smooth texture and a subtle taste of smoke.

Often served as an appetizer, Norwegian Fjord Smoked Salmon also adds elegance to salads and entrees. Raised using sustainable farming methods, Norwegian Fjord Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon are premium salmon varieties, sought after by discerning consumers and chefs.

Key Features:

- Smoked, packed, and frozen individually within days of arriving alive at the smokehouse in Norway.

- Dry salted with no brine injection

- Vacuum sealed to preserve freshness

- Retail packs are pre-sliced from frozen for thinner slices

- Certified kosher by the Orthodox Union

- Easy preparation — just thaw and serve

- Atlantic Salmon has a smooth texture combined with a moist, succulent flavour.


Nutrient per 100g: Energy 938kj/225kcal, fat 14.7g, whereof saturated fatty acids 2.5g, carbohydrates 1.5g, whereof sugars 1.5g, protein 23.2g, salt 3g.

Instruction: To be thawed out then taken directly. It is excellent on an hors d'oeuvre platter, ideal on Pumpernickel bread, bagels or a French baguette with cream cheese, red onions & capers.

Manufacturer: Brødr. Remø AS

Address: Fiskarstrandvegen 168, 6035 Fiskarstrand, Møre og Romsdal, Norway

Importer: High Food Company Limited

Address: 55B Hang Bai St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

Storage: Keep frozen at -18 degrees Celcius

Regular price 770,000₫


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Norwegian Smoked Salmon 1kg Pack

Norwegian Smoked Salmon 1kg Pack

    Regular price 770,000₫



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