Norwegian Smoked Salmon 200g Pack

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Our smoked salmon is a natural product entirely without artifical preservatives. It contains only fresh, Atlantic salmon, sugar and salt.

The product is based on traditional family recipes, and is made with our own special smoking process. This is why our smoked salmon is a product of experience and is highly valued and demanded across the world.


VND 182.000 / 200g pack

VND 770.000 / 1kg pack

Net Weight: 200g

Origin: Norway

Brand: GoldFish

Brand Owner: Brødr. Remø AS

(brand varies due to different importing periods)

Type of Salmon: Atlantic Salmon

You have chosen the award winning Gold Fish Smoked Salmon produced by one of Norway's leading smoked salmon producers.

The product is made from the fresh Norwegian salmon, raised on some of the cleanest water in the world - the Norwegian fjords.

It is smoked and packed in Norway on a modern smokehouse following original hand-craft recipes under strict government hygiene control.

This is your guarantee of freshness and quality for a genuine Norwegian product. This product contains no artificial colours or flavours. The salting, curing and smoking create a natural preservative.

Fresh / Frozen: Frozen

Ingredients: Fresh salmon (salmo salar), (farmed), salt, sugar. Smoked with birch and juniperwood. No artificial colouring. No preservatives.


This piece of selected smoked salmon is genuine Atlantic salmon from the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway. The smoking process is carried out by experts according to ancient non-mechanized principles; the salmon is only slightly salted and cold smoked with selected sorts of wood.

This salmon is picked by connoisseurs because of the fine aroma, the fresh, juicy taste and the natural salmon colour. The salmon is completely free from any chemical preservatives and colours.

Benefits: Gustavsen smoked salmon contains Omega-3 unsaturated fats, which studies indicate may lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Nutrient per 100g: Energy 938kj/225kcal, fat 14.7g, whereof saturated fatty acids 2.5g, carbohydrates 1.5g, whereof sugars 1.5g, protein 23.2g, salt 3g.

Manufacturer: Brødr. Remø AS

Address: Fiskarstrandvegen 168, 6035 Fiskarstrand, Møre og Romsdal, Norway

Importer: High Food Company Limited

Address: 55B Hang Bai St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

Storage: Keep the pack in the fridge between 0-4 degrees Celcius. Serve the salmon at room temperature preferably about 15 minutes after it has been prepared for serving. Eat within 4 days of opening. Rest can be frozen for up to 6 months at -18 degrees Celcius.

Serving suggestions: Serve as a starter with scrambled eggs and bread, crisp bread or bagels, along with a squeeze of lemon and something nice to drink, or as a main course with new potatoes and salad.

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Norwegian Smoked Salmon 200g Pack

Norwegian Smoked Salmon 200g Pack
SKU: SM200

    Regular price 180,000₫



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