Vietnamese Frozen Basa Fish Fillet


The freshwater fish Basa belongs to the species of catfish. This one is straight from Vietnam. It is time to be the chef of your kitchen and cook with high-quality Basa fish.

It is pin boned to perfection and the fillets are sliced in the right proportion. As the fish feeds on water plants, we make sure that it washed and cleaned properly before it is processed for packaging.

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Net Weight: About 700 - 800 grams / bag

Origin: Vietnam

Quality: To be exported to EU

Importer & Distributor: High Food Co., Ltd.

Address: #55B, Hang Bai St., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Usage: To be fried, grilled or stewed with tomatoes, etc.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18 to -9 degrees C

Vietnamese Frozen Basa Fish Fillet

Vietnamese Frozen Basa Fish Fillet