At, we sincerely appreciate your trust in us. Post-transaction policies at are built in order to protect customers’ rights and for customers to enjoy the best experience with our services.

RADA Vietnam Pty. Ltd. ensures that the products introduced on the website are 100% genuine. If the product received from is defective, damaged or not as described on the website, guarantees to protect our customers with the following Return, Refund & Exchange Policy:

Since has delivered successfully Defective products
Return In 24 hours Returnable without additional fee
Exchange In 72 hours Exchangeable without additional fee

 (*) Only applicable if the product is in saleable condition.


This means that the product:

  •  is unopened with caps, seals, labels, and original packaging intact and with no visible tampering;
  •  is in its original condition;
  •  is in its original selling unit (e.g. full case);
  •  has no evidence of deterioration with age; and
  •  is not stale-dated, unless the receipt shows that it was recently purchased.

This policy is applicable to almost all products of, except when:

  • There is a Received Goods Inspection Confirmation Paper signed between the two parties
  • The related product(s) is / are on a list of special products that are limited to return or exchange, including:

+ Food (in the “Food Pairing” section)

+ Alcoholic beverages related to special promotions that do not allow returns or exchanges

Delivery method for return / exchange products:

  • If it is due to suppliers: Once the return / exchange request has been accepted, our staff will travel directly to the customer’s address. Then, we will help the customer refund or exchange right at the spot.
  • If it is due to customers:

+ Customers are responsible to pack the received product(s) back to its original status (including attached gifts, devices, etc.).

+ Customers are responsible to bring the product(s) to a certain store (that our staff has assigned) for return or exchange.



1. Exchange:

We only allow exchanges if the product’s defect is not caused by the customer, in particular when:

  • The product’s defect is originally caused by the supplier or the distributor
  • The product’s defect is caused by the delivery process (for e.g: being broken, cracked, leaked, etc.)


2. Return & Refund:

2.1 If the product is non-defective:

In case customer wants to return / exchange a non-defective product due to personal reasons, that product has to remain in the above saleable conditions.

2.2 If the product is defective due to suppliers:

2.2.1 Look Defects:

If the product looks scratched, damaged from the outside, or not as similar as described on the website, or if the delivery man did not deliver enough goods, etc:

  • will exchange a 100% brand-new product, in case the customer has sent feedback to in 24 hours since the delivery.
  • If there is a Received Goods Inspection Confirmation Paper signed between the two parties, cannot apply this policy.

2.2.2. Defects caused by suppliers or

Send us feedback on time:

  • Return: In 24 hours since the delivery, if the product defect is caused by the supplier, will refund the customer 100%.
  • Exchange: In 72 hours since the delivery, if the product defect is caused by the supplier, will allow an exchange for another brand-new product.


2.3 Refund method and related fee(s):

2.3.1 Refund method:

  • Directly with cash through the delivery man / when customer arrives at our store (location assigned by’s staff)
  • Bank transfer: 2 – 5 working days

2.3.2 Related fee(s)

  • will be responsible to pay the transfer fee

3. Warranty (for accessories, devices, etc.):

3.1 Conditions applied:

  • The product’s warranty period has not expired
  • The product is not damaged due to customer’s usage
  • The product’s label and warranty card are intact

3.2 Warranty accessing method:

  • If the product is found damaged 3 days since the delivery, customer can contact with for an exchange of a new product.
  • If it is after 3 days since the delivery, the warranty period will be based on the supplier’s warranty regulations. Customer can deal directly with the supplier for the warranty in order to shorten the whole process. If the customer would still like to send the product back to for warranty, he/she can contact our hotline number for specific advice.


RADA Vietnam Pty. Ltd.

Return, Refund & Exchange Policy

Last updated: November 03, 2017

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