RADA’s Partnerships with Halliday’s Top 100 Wineries 2023: Unlocking the Best of Australian Wine

This year, Halliday Wine Companion’s Chief Editor, Campbell Mattinson, unveiled the highly anticipated list of Australia’s Top 100 wineries. This prestigious compilation celebrates the finest wine producers across the spectrum, from the bigger companies to the smaller producers. Halliday Wine Companion, a renowned wine-focused magazine, continues to be a trusted authority in the world of wine, showcasing the best that Australia has to offer.

We are proud to work closely with 4 of the top 100 wineries:
3 – Mount Pleasant (Hunter Valley)
39 – Penley Estate (Coonawarra)
68 – Crittenden (Mornington Peninsula)
86 – Seppeltsfield (Barossa Valley)

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional Australian wines to all our customers and our commitment lies in sourcing high-quality yet affordable wines – ensuring that everyone can savor the excellence of Australian winemaking.

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