Break Free Petite Blancs


pH: 3.36
TA: 6.46g/L
ALC: 11.6%
RS: 2.62g/L


Swan Valley and Margaret River, WA Blend: Chenin Blanc (95%,
base wine), Chardonnay (3% skins) and Gewürztraminer (2% skins)


Bright and clean Chenin Blanc is harvested, cold pressed
(free run juice) and settled in steel for wild yeast fermentation, where
Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer skins (approx. 5%) are tipped into the
ferment. The cloudy juice is temperature controlled to preserve gentle,
wild aromatics and with around 0.4g/L RS remaining, the ferment is
stopped and cold stabilized. No lees stirring or malolactic fermentation,
the wine is immediately bottled with no fining or filtration. Vegan.
Minimal sulphites.

Tasting Notes

With a back-bone provided by Swan Valley single
vineyards Chenin Blanc and two separate co-ferments with Margaret
River Chardonnay and Frankland River Gewürztraminer (skins only) makes
the for the second vintage of Petite Blancs!
This dry white has all the gentle aromatics, botanicals and florals
reminiscent of Alsace and texture of Loire Valley – a unique “cross over
style” – kindly provided by the wild yeast fermentation, controlled by cold
pressing and stainless steel tanks.
Kaffir lime, citrus and almond blossom and of course, lychee, lemongrass
and ginger notes abound; Petite Blancs arouses the senses and beckons
you to take the Silk Road and explore the cuisines that connect east Asia,
Southeast Asia, south Asia, Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, east Africa and
to southern Europe – a literal plethora of spices, produce, ingredients and
cookery await you to match with our ‘all day white wine’!

Like all Break Free wines, there is no filtration or fining and minimal
sulphur on bottling to keep the wine fresh and lively.
Pair with ambitious long lunches, with no shortage of inspired, creative
dishes and of course, fine friends… Vegan friendly


Andrew Vesey, consultant.

Following on from Sam Kim @ Wine Orbit’s fantastic reviews and scores for the current Clandestine Vineyards wines, here comes the equally wonderful Break Free Wine reviews: 2023 Petite Blancs – 93 POINTS

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