The Penley Estate’s story is a collision of hearts and minds, shaped by two pioneering winemaking families. Reginald Lester Tolley and Judith Anne Penfold Hyland’s romance sparked Penley in 1947. It wasn’t until 1988 that their children breathed life into the Penley name, planting Cabernet grapes in Coonawarra. In 1989, their Phoenix Cabernet earned a Gold Medal. In 1995, they built an impressive winery, and as the years passed, they continued to craft classic Coonawarra reds. In 2015, Kym retired, and the sisters decided to carry on the legacy, revitalizing Penley Estate with a nod to their remarkable foremothers’ spirit and style.


Passion. Spontaneity. Soul. Just a few words that come to mind when we get ready to introduce our winemaker, Kate Goodman.​

Kate stands as one of Australia’s premier contemporary winemakers, leaving her mark at renowned wineries like Wirra Wirra, Tim Knappstein, Seppelt, and Punt Road. Her talent and seamless connection with winemaking have flourished since her start in 2016. Kate’s investment in her craft has driven us to produce exceptional contemporary varietals. With winemaker Lauren Hansen joining, it’s like a breath of fresh Coonawarra air, fueling our inspiration. Kate embraces experimentation, believing that failures lead to better wines. Penley’s brand evolution aligns with her vision of being contemporary and progressive, while respecting the unique origins of each grape. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing the environment and understanding that wine is a living, breathing creation, distinct from factory-produced beverages.


Penley Estate



Kate Goodman