The Lane Vineyard has been the custodian of an enviable piece of pristine Adelaide Hills terroir since the first vines were planted in 1993. Sitting 450m high atop the rolling hills adjacent the Onkaparinga Valley, the vineyards enjoy the warm days and cool nights that the Adelaide Hills Wine Region is so famous for.

In addition to the vineyards and wines, the Lane estate is home to an acclaimed contemporary restaurant and tasting room where, just 3 kilometres from the historic village of Hahndorf and a scenic 25-minute drive from Adelaide CBD, visitors quickly feel a world away.

The Lane Estate is a true destination for the senses and we are passionate about creating and delivering sophisticated, prestigious and memorable sensory experiences that are thoughtful expressions of their place of origin. The four distinct tiers of wine produced at The Lane – Heritage, Estate, Provenance and Lane series,  are all crafted with this vision to honour and preserve the unique ‘sense of place’ you feel when visiting our estate.


Long before the arrival of Europeans the Mount Lofty ranges were inhabited by the Peramangk Aboriginal people who managed and preserved the Adelaide Hills, using fire to clear old grasses and promote fresh plant growth. They also covered freshwater rock holes to keep their water supply clean and maintained many walking tracks. The area was rich in vital resources – which are still just as precious today.

The Mediterranean climate of the Adelaide Hills is influenced by cooling air from the Southern Ocean and high altitude gully breezes. Annual rainfall varies between 700 and 850 millimetres. The region has cold wet winters and mild summers with most rain falling in winter and spring. The mean sunshine hours per day are 8.5. Summer (from December until the end of March) is generally warm and dry, with average temperatures considerably cooler than most other Australian wine regions. Significant diurnal temperature variation during grape ripening is a distinguishing feature of this vineyard. Longer sunlight hours and temperate daytime temperatures contribute to intense fruit flavours while the sudden fall in evening temperature preserves natural acidity and structure.

The rocks that form the landscape and soils of The Lane Vineyard are part of the Mount Lofty Ranges remarkable story. The rolling hills you see here today are what are left after 100’s of millions of years of erosion. Centuries of exposure to nature’s forces have left ancient gravelly soils, a demanding, perfect host in achieving outstanding quality of fruit from our vines.

Altitude, latitude, climate (particularly diurnal temperature variation) and our ancient soils produce background notes in our wines; more intense fruit flavours, beautiful natural acidity, balance, subtlety and elegance.

A UNESCO World Heritage bid is in progress to internationally recognize the Adelaide Hills agrarian landscape as being of “outstanding universal value” and quintessentially Australian.





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